The “Why I love my house” letter

The purpose of this letter is to convey the aspects of your home beyond the bricks and mortar. People purchase real estate not only for the location, but mostly for the lifestyle they will enjoy while living in the real estate.

Purchasing a home is an emotional decision justified by logic. Buyers purchase lifestyle and finance that lifestyle with a mortgage. Showing agents may not always know all the aspects of your house and neighborhood make it special.

This letter will help potential purchasers become more informed about biggest purchase of their lives. Very few realtors are using this technique, so your property will also stand out in the crowd.

We will attach this letter to the fact sheet in your home and we will also incorporate a letter in the online Internet marketing. Your first showing is on the Internet, so great pictures and compelling story about your property will increase the odds of an “in person” second showing

If you choose to market your property with me, I will supply you with sample letters from other Sellers to help you compose one for your property. Marketing your property is going to be a team effort. This is your chance to be a big part of the team!

This is another one of the innovative and unique ways I market real estate!